Buy One- get one

Buy one Superhero sculpture, get a matching pen topper for free


Come on, do it ! show off those super powers!!! Who is your alter ego? are you super woman, Spider man,  or maybe even Cat Boy! Who would you be if you can be any fictional character? 

P.S.- grown ups are allowed to be super heros too ;-).


After you fill out the brief and I have a better idea of what who you are and what you are looking for, I will send you 3 sketches. We will discuss them, decided on your favorite and make any changes you ask for. When you're heart skips a beat, I will know that it is time to move on to creating your sculpture. My Day Dreamers will send you process photos and keep you up to date on how things are going. 


Each sculpture is fully customizable, hand made and painted with wire, clay, and layers of paper Mache to insure that it is light yet durable. 


**This offer also comes with a high resolution digital photo set up against a colorful background